5 Styles of Socks and What They're Good For

5 Styles of Socks and What They're Good For, ankle socks, crew socks, Lo Quarter socks, over the calf socks, quarter socks, Rhino Wearables, sock styles, socks -

5 Styles of Socks and What They're Good For

We’ve learned that the right pair of socks matters. Of course, it can be hard to tell what kind we need to wear and when. From guidance on  selecting kids’ socks to commonly-found sock styles, we’re here to help! Read on to learn about these styles of socks and what they’re good for.


Let’s start out with our shortest socks: ankle socks. They reach, you guessed it, your ankles.

During a hot day, they offer an ideal option. Wear them for summer walks, trips to the store, or even lounging around the house during the hotter months. You can also pair them with tennis shoes or dress shoes, to stay blister-free while avoiding that high waters look. Finally, ankle socks also stand up to long days working on your feet.

We offer ankle socks like the Stride Tab, the Endurance Double Tab Closeout, and the Coolmesh II Tab.

You can also explore our single tab ankle socks and our double tab ankle socks.

Lo quarter

Lo quarter socks offer a happy medium between ankle and quarter socks. Their length rests partway in between the two.

While their construction—and our moisture-wicking fabric—means less sweat on summer days, you can don them any day of the year. Whether you need them to keep dress shoes or boots from blistering your heels or you want something to wear while exercising, you can’t go wrong with lo quarter socks.

Rhino Wearables sports a variety of lo quarter socks. You can order choices like the Running II Lo Quarter, the Kids Coolmesh II Lo Quarter, and the Coolmesh II Women’s Specific Lo Quarter.

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A standard quarter sock stretches over your shin, but stops around your lower shins. For those with diabetes or circulation problems, quarter compression socks—like ours—can make an enormous difference.

They also help you beat the heat! Wear quarter socks to your next hike, run, or sports game.

Looking for your own? Choose from pairs like the Coolmesh II Merino Wool Quarter, Stride Quarter, and Endurance Quarter.

If you want the standard quarter socks, shop our full collection here.


Now, we’re heading into chillier days with crew socks! Usually, they rise above your ankles, reaching your calf, but not covering it entirely. Depending on the weather where you live, these socks make excellent options for both fall and winter.

So, where and when can you wear them? Around the house, of course. Or, during the cold months to keep you warm and improve your circulation. Additionally, you can also wear them while hiking, to keep your legs protected from obstacles like thorns and even pests like ticks.

Some of our crew socks include the Eco Hike Crew, the Kids Escape Crew, and the Running II Crew.

See our full selection of crew socks here.

Over the calf

Last but not least—some serious winter wear! Over the calf socks are the longest items on our list of socks and what they’re good for. If you need to warm up, put on a pair of over the calf socks.

They can help you pass through the winter without worry. You can even wear them to bed. They will help prevent poor circulation from keeping you awake. And, they may even help you fall asleep easier, since you won’t have to worry about cold or discomfort.

Like crew socks, you can also wear them for outdoor exercising in the cooler months. Or, if you stay on top of trends, you might know that over the calf socks are in now! They pair well with skirts or dresses for a throwback ‘90s ensemble.

Prepare for winter with a pair of our over the calf socks.


You can start every day off on the right foot with Rhino Wearables! And, thanks to these styles of socks and what they’re good for, you’ll have the right socks too. Then, you can focus on what truly matters: living your life to the fullest.

If you want to browse all the styles we have to offer, check out our site. Finally, to learn more about our spectacular socks, visit our blog here.