9 Diabetes Foot Care Tips to Follow

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9 Diabetes Foot Care Tips to Follow

Rhino Wearables has made it our mission to improve the lives of those who live with diabetes. Not only do we feature socks designed to improve your circulation, but our proceeds go partly towards the American Diabetes Association. After all, healthy living is happy living! Put some spring into your step with these helpful diabetes foot care tips.

Wash Your Feet Daily

Show your feet some extra TLC! You should wash them with lukewarm water only. Then, dry them off gently with a clean washcloth. You can follow that up by moisturizing your feet. Keep the lotion away from between your toes—or you may end up with a fungal infection.

Get to Know Your Feet

Check on your feet each day. Look out for any changes, like swollen areas, red parts, or wounds. Then, take appropriate action. You may need to draw a circle around any red sections, to see if the redness spreads. If it does, that could indicate an infection—and it merits immediate medical attention.

Have a Reference

It may sound strange, but if you need a reference point, you can always take a clear picture of your feet. That way, if you tend to be forgetful—or you’re helping a family member manage his or her diabetes—you have a point of reference. This resource can also prove useful if you notice any changes or need to go to the doctor for questions.

Look After Your Nails

You don’t have to be beach ready, but it pays off to look after your nails. Always cut them straight along the proper length. That way, you don’t have to worry about ingrown toenails.

Inspect Your Shoes

Wallet, keys, phone—we all have that muscle memory habit before we leave the house. Well, one of the most important diabetes foot care tips adds a fourth step: shoes. Turn your shoes over, shake them out, and look inside too. That way, you can ensure that you won’t step on a rock or twig and accidentally hurt your foot.

Say “Bye-Bye” to Barefoot Strolls

Sand—or dirt, or mud—between our toes can lead to infections or cuts. It’s best to simply just wear shoes!

Know When to See a Doctor

We don’t exactly get excited for a doctor’s visit. Still, you shouldn’t let your apprehension prevent you from taking appropriate medical action. From corns, to sudden changes in your feet, to pain—you should always see your doctor when necessary. And don’t forget about regular foot exams!

Switch out Your Socks

One pair, one day! That’s the rule of thumb—or maybe the rule of toe. So, switch out your socks every day.

Wear Rhino Wearables

You need a pair of socks designed with your health in mind. Rhino Wearables socks improve circulation, making them the ideal choice for those who live with diabetes. You can even wear them to bed!


You deserve to live comfortably! These diabetes foot care tips may make a marked difference in your every day. So will a pair of Rhino Wearables socks! Shop through our spectacular stock here. Finally, you can also learn more about the benefits of our brand when you read our blog.