7 Tips for Being on Your Feet All Day

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7 Tips for Being on Your Feet All Day

Did you know the common problem of experiencing frequent foot pain can be reduced or avoided altogether? It’s a matter of daily care and proper footwear. These helpful tips for being on your feet all day are sure to be a step in the right direction!

Develop a daily routine for your feet!

It may seem silly or even simple, but this is one of the tips for being on your feet all day that gets forgotten. However, pay attention to those feet! Wash them thoroughly daily. Moisturize them daily too.

It’s also good practice to check them daily for cuts, sores and other changes.

Start with the “Wright” socks!

We feel like this is a no-brainer, but many people don’t think about their choice in socks. But they should! That’s why Rhino Wearables offers the Wrightsock™ Double Layer® patented technology. These blister-free super socks also provide all-day comfort through moisture-wicking and temperature control.

Check out the science and advantages behind our socks here!

Wear shoes that fit.

Again, this is one of those tips for being all your feet all day that sounds like common sense. Yet, people buy shoes that are too small all the time. Consider shoe shopping at the end of the day when your feet are naturally larger. Sometimes going up a half size is a good idea too.

Keep blood pumping!

Whether you stand or sit for most of the day, this tip is key. Take regular breaks and stretch! Calf raises and the runner’s stretch are good stretches to get the blood pumping. You can also try moving your ankles and wiggling your toes up to three times a day.

Massage your feet.

After a long day on your feet, come home and pamper those workhorses. You can use your hands to massage the bottom, tops and arches. You can also use a tennis ball or rolling pin to gently roll your foot over to help relax tight muscles.

Put your feet up.

Continue the pampering and put those feet up. Elevating your feet reduces the day’s swelling.

Icing your feet also helps.

Feet so swollen and achy that it hurts to walk? Get home and immerse those tired tootsies in an ice water bath. Soaking your feet in ice for about 20 minutes speeds up recovery while reducing swelling and inflammation.


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