8 Reasons Rhino Wearables are Great Socks for Hiking

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8 Reasons Rhino Wearables are Great Socks for Hiking

We design our socks to keep up with your needs. From the office to the trails, you can rest—or walk or run—easy with Rhino Wearables. In fact, next time you go hiking, you’ll want to bring our gear along. We know that Rhino Wearables are great socks for hiking—and we’ll tell you why!

Double-layer technology

Ever heard of something called the “Double-Layer Difference”? Rhino Wearables socks come with two layers, which protect the most vulnerable parts of your feet.

Moisture-wicking capabilities

Stinky feet—we’ve all been there, and we never want to return. We also know how uncomfortable it can be to hike miles with sweaty feet. Moisture-wicking socks—like ours—can keep your feet feeling fresh.

Temperature control

Ah, yes—temperature: another reason that Rhino Wearables are great socks for hiking. Whether you’re hoping to avoid hot, sweaty feet or you want to stave off the cold, our gear stays up to the task.


When you hike, you want to focus on your surroundings. After all, you need to stay safe! And, not to mention, you want to take in all that natural beauty too. Keep your mind on the hike—not your aching feet—with our comfortable socks.

Anti-blister system

Ouch! How many have us have realized that we have a blister—and that we’re halfway through the hike? Instead of sadly walking home on tender feet, hike comfortably with a pair of anti-blister Rhino Wearables socks.


Stop the endless cycle of buying and replacing subpar socks! Not only is it costly, but it means your feet are suffering a lack of protection from the thin, worn-out fabric. You deserve durable gear that can match up to your skill level. In other words, you deserve Rhino Wearables!

Choices for adults and kids

Hiking offers a chance for you and your family to bond. You’ll never have to leave the kids behind—or take them home with blisters—with our Escape socks designed for children. You can also learn more about finding well-fitting socks for your little ones here.

A variety of style options

Imagine finding the sock with all the right features—only to realize you don’t like the length or look. Our hiking collection comes with a variety of different style options, so you can choose the pair that best fits you.


How are your old socks looking now? Tell them good-bye—and say “hello” to your new favorite brand. If you’re planning an excursion this year, find out just why Rhino Wearables are great socks for hiking by investing in a pair (or two) of your own. You really can’t find a better companion—at least for your feet!

You can explore our hiking collection here! Or, look through our other options online. Finally, to learn more about our socks, browse our blog.