A Look Inside The Double Layer Difference

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A Look Inside The Double Layer Difference

Comfort and socks go hand-in-hand—or at least they should. We’ve all had that one pair that wears so thin, you might as well have nothing in between your feet and the inside of your shoes. That’s where the Double Layer Difference comes in! 

Double Layer Patented Technology 

Rhino Wearables featuring Wrightsocks’ Double Layer Difference means enhanced comfort for you, no matter what activity you’re participating in. Running, aerobics, hiking, sports—they can all benefit from our patented technology. 

The Dri-Wright II inner layer cushions the bottom of the foot from toes to arch as well as the top of the foot just below the ankle—giving wearers added padding where they need it most. All the while, our outer layer covers everything else for outstanding protection. 

Features of the Double Layer Difference include: 

  • Absorbs friction normally transferred to the skin to prevent blisters 
  • Interaction between layers protects feet from abrasion 
  • Dri-Wright II inner layer wicks moisture off of the skin better than other fabrics, keeping feet dry 
  • Keeps feet at a more comfortable temperature—cooler in summer and warmer in winter 

Benefits for Diabetics 

In addition, people living with diabetes have found our products particularly useful in protecting the feet from blisters, sores and other common feet injuries that can pose higher risks for diabetics. The Endurance Collection takes foot-related issues for diabetics into account, providing a solution that enhances not only safety, but overall quality of life. 

Did you know? A portion of proceeds from every sale of Rhino Wearables products goes to organizations that help raise awareness for diabetes as well as research strategies to prevent and cure the disease. 


The difference between our footwear and your average socks? It’s the Double Layer Difference, to be exact! If you’ve been looking to treat your feet better, start here with Rhino Wearables! Shop our selection online. For more foot care hints and helpful information about our product offerings, continue to follow our blog!