Choosing Socks for Kids: 8 Things to Keep in Mind

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Choosing Socks for Kids: 8 Things to Keep in Mind

Children don’t have the same standards adults do. And, if you’ve ever seen your little one try to eat a wriggling worm or dive into a mud puddle, you know that fact quite well. That’s why parents have the job of taking care of, well, everything. Among the many tasks? Choosing socks for kids. Fortunately, our guide can assist!

Check that Your Socks and Shoes Match up

Sure, the perfect shoe can fit like a glove in the store. But, does it fit when your child dons a pair of socks? When choosing socks—and shoes—you should keep this relationship in mind.

Drill in the Importance of Staying Dry

Wet socks can spell trouble! Stinky smells, rashes, and blisters—they cook up a recipe for disaster. Explain to your child the importance of keeping his or her socks dry. Also, tell him or her that he or she can change socks at any time. You can even suggest bringing an extra pair in his or her backpack. Or, if you have a young child, carry around a backup yourself.

Watch for Wiggle Room

Tight socks can cause cramps and blisters. You want your child’s feet to have some wiggle room. It’s okay if your kid’s socks are slightly—but not overly—loose. After all, he or she will grow into them.

Keep Function in Mind

Everyday socks tend to come in lighter materials. Socks intended for running around and playing sports, on the other hand, merit a thicker build. Our socks offer the double-layer difference. So, if your young athlete needs a pair that to help his or her feet stay happy, try our socks.

Change with the Seasons

Don’t forget to switch out your socks according to the seasons! Like Goldilocks taught us, no child wants to be too warm or too cold.

Leave Room for Fun

Choosing socks for kids can lead to frustration and tantrums. Sometimes, the easiest way to make kids carry out a task is simply by making it seem special! From engaging colors to cool patterns, the look of your child’s footwear can bring the fun.

Pick out the Proper Length

The length of the sock counts! If your child has a standard day of school or relaxing ahead, then shorter quarter-length socks will work. Or, if your kid has a game or day of playing outside on the horizon, long socks fit the bill. Additionally, you should consider fashion etiquette! After all, no one wears long socks and a dress or shorts to a fancy event.

Choose Rhino Wearables

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Getting the dishes done. Finishing up with homework help. Doing the laundry that seems to multiply exponentially. Parents have enough to worry about! We hope we’ve lightened the load with our guide to choosing socks for kids.

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