7 Signs It's Time to Buy New Socks

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7 Signs It's Time to Buy New Socks

Is that smell…you? Oh, no! Even worse—it’s your favorite pair of socks. And, the scent refuses to wash out too! Sometimes, we have to say au revoir—even if we don’t want to. So, if you’ve noticed any of these signs it’s time to buy new socks, listen up.

An eroded grip

One simple slip can cause a whole lot of damage. Think ahead and order a new pair of socks if you notice the grip on your old pair has eroded.

Missing socks

Another one of the signs it’s time to buy new socks: you only have half a pair. You can’t exactly put on one sock and let the other foot go solo! Instead, order a new pair to keep both your feet comfy and covered!

Dirty, smelly socks

Ugh, you’ve washed that pair of socks like three times! Not only do they still smell like, well, feet, but they also look dirty and stained. As much as you may not want to part with them, they’ve officially reached the end. Toss them out and get another (cleaner!) pair.

Drooping socks

If your socks look like someone’s pulling them down, they officially can’t do their job. You want full coverage. Otherwise, your feet may get hurt. Opt for a replacement pair if you notice this sign!

Overstretched elastic

The elastic of your socks works hard to keep the fit tight. When it overstretches, your socks will slip—and that can cause blisters. Or, if you wear compression socks—like ours—they can’t do their job.


Do your socks cause friction when you run, hike, or stand on your feet all day? That means they aren’t protecting you! Instead of agonizing over sores and blisters, get a new pair.

Ripping or tearing fabric

Hey, that’s your big toe poking out! While the sight may make you laugh, it also should let you know without a doubt that you need new socks.


If you notice any of these signs it’s time to buy new socks, go ahead and treat yourself to a pair of Rhino Wearables. We promise, the comfort they offer will make everything better again! Plus, learn more about our socks and healthy foot care on our blog. And if you don’t know which kind of socks to buy, read all about the types we offer here.